M925 Design is a wonderful spot for all lovers of beautiful things!

The company started here in Gothenburg, Sweden, in the autumn 2006. M stands for Magdalena, 925 for the fineness of sterling silver. On Plantagegatan in Linnestaden, Gothenburg, the jewellery is both handmade and sold and when you pay a visit, no matter if online or IRL, you are met by experts and commitment in order to find what you are looking for. By choosing from type of finish, types of chains and lengths, extra charms, personal engravings, etc, it is up to you to create your own kind of jewellery.

If you prefer to make your own design, we would gladly assist you.

All jewellery is made of genuine material with the basic idea that you should use and love your piece of jewellery for many years. The roots are in Scandinavian minimalism and, in addition, a margin for play and desire to experiment. Classical silversmithing in combination with modern design.

Here you will also find eatable gold of 23 carat from Gold Gourmet.

Opening hours in the shop in Gothenburg: Monday thru Friday 11-18 (closed for lunch 13-14) as well as last Saturday in every month: 11-15. You are welcome to contact us if you prefer another time. Map description to find the shop is
HERE . Free parking (10 min) right outside the shop.

Address & Contact: Plantagegatan 13, 413 05 Göteborg. E-mail: magdalena@m925.se. Phone: +46 31-315 7979. It is also possible to contact us via our
Facebook page for M925Design. Find news & events and follow M925 Design on social media (click on the logotypes below and you are linked to our pages on Facebook and Instagram).