Customer reviews

Thank you all so much for your kind responses ♥
All of the customers quoted below, have given their permission to it.

  Hi again!
  My husband got very pleased with his Africa necklace. He sends you his 
  greetings and his thanks. 




  Hi Magdalena!
  The rings are perfect ♥♥ /Hanna.








 A 1000 thanks for the bracelet, it arrived yesterday   
 and it's really super nice!! I will like your Facebook 
 page ASAP - just have to wait until he's got it, so the 
 surprise will not be revealed... 

 Mvh/Helena G

Thanks a thousand times for the best service!!! The gift was very much appreciated.
Best Regards, Hanna C


The delivery was already here when I came back from work today. The bracelet is so nice and completely perfect! I will give it to my husband on our 3 yrs wedding anniversary (leather wedding).

  Best regards,
  Tanja R



The necklace is super nice and my daughter is super pleased!
Best greetings, Lidija


A rose made of gold for you, I'm super pleased 
Best regards, Jeanette 

  "Hi Magdalena!

  Our wedding day turned put just the way we wanted to and our rings turned out just the way we wanted too. They will always be a reminder of our special day. 
  We want to thank you for the the work you've put into them in order for us to get the rings as we wanted them, in spite of the short deadline. We will always be thankful for finding you, for your amazing approach and work!!
  Best regards,
  Maria och Niklas




Oh how nice rings we got, they were much thicker than what we expected! Thank you!

Best wishes, Eva S

I recently received the necklace you made and I wanted to tell you
how much I love it, it is perfect. I really appreciate your simple designs 
and high quality materials and craftsmanship. I look forward to ordering
from you again.  
Thank you so much-
Rebecca, Minneapolis, MN, USA.


Hello Magdalena! Thank you for the locket that arrived today and O.M.G it´s nice,
it´s exactly what I had hoped for. I blogged about it too :) Have a nice week!
// Eva i Malmö


Hey! I just wanted to say thanx for the great service and the great key ring. THANK YOU!!!
Best regards, Jessica, Trångsund


     Today I got my name jewellery today and just wanted to tell you how pleased I am.
     It´s really nice and worth every penny. Thank you!
     /Janina, Märsta



Hello and thanx for the quick delivery and the good service.
The necklace that I bought was given to a friend for her birthday. She got incredibly happy! I´ll get back to you!
Greetings from Karin, Stöde


    I want to thank you for the lovely letter charms! My wife got really happy that she could have the letters exactly how she
    wanted them. We have been looking for a very long time for lower case letter charms and at we could even choose  
    size and font!!

    So, thank you for your super nice and fantastic service. I will recommend your shop and webshop to everyone I know!
    Happy New Year! From Jan, Södertälje


The cuff-links are great, just the way I wanted them! Thanks so much for good service!
Greetings from Johanna, Flen


     Hello Magdalena!
    A huge thanx for the beautiful necklace! I can see that it has required quite a lot of work.
    Good luck with your future creations!

    All the best, Anna Ternheim, Stockholm


Many thanks for an incredible service! I love the small boxes that the rings were delivered in, too!
Hugs from a happy Johanna! :)


    I got the ring in the mail today. The size is perfect and it´s very "groovy", it feels just right!
    On top of that it´s very beautiful!
    Many greetings, Carin, Bjärred




Hello Magdalena,
I just want to say that I´m very pleased with the necklaces. I hope you will get a few more orders from Halmstad...
I have shown the jewellery I´ve bought from you at work and everyone was delighted. Of course I gave them the webshop adress :)
Carina, Halmstad


    I ordered a silver necklace a few days ago and want to say thank you, it´s wonderful!
    Best wishes, Marie E, Karlshamn


Hello Magdalena!
I had a name necklace from my husband for my 30th birthday, designed by you. It is fabulous, I can´t tell you how happy I got. It´s so elegant and stylish, it stays very nicely around the whatever I do and thanks to you I can now keep my two beloved kids and husband close to my heart. I will definately recommend you to my friends! Good luck in the future :-) Frida M


Hello Magdalena!
thank you for your incredible service! I LOVE my necklace and all of your jewellery!
I skip all other companies/designers, M925 is the only one for me! Many thanx!!
/Matilda, Gothenburg.

    "He won´t take it off! Success in the first trial!
    From now on I will dare to buy more pieces of jewellery to him!"
    Best regards, Emelie, Mora


Hello, I got my necklace yesterday, it was so beautiful. It met exactly my expectations.
Many thanks, Christina


    Many, many thanks for a stunning bracelet, my sister will be so happy.
    Great that you could deliver so quickly! This was not the last time I ordered from you.
    Have a nice weekend. Best wishes, Catherine



Got my necklace today, super pleased! THANX! /Maria L


    Thank you so much for your help!
    I am conviced that baby Stella will be happy for her beautiful necklace in the future!
    Have a nice week!
    Greetings from a pleased Sanna, who will soon be getting back to M925




"Heya! The necklace came today and I´m very pleased! It´s so nice I just want to look at it all the time...
I´m planning to order one more for my sister who will turn 30 this summer. Once again, many thanks!
Lotta A.



    I´m so very pleased with my nice ring that I gave myself for having been so good this school year. I had been looking for a
    ring like this when I one night by chance happened to see your fantastic web page! Thanks also for a quick delivery and
    great service!
    /Sabina, mALMÖ


I am very pleased with the piece of jewellery I ordered and the engraving too. Really nice! Quick delivery.
My warmest recommendations.
Christel C, Genarp

Hello Magdalena! Thank you for your wonderful jewellery, so clean yet so female, and even more beautiful in real life than on the pictures! Thank you also for your kind treatment. I´m so glad that I found your web page and will return :-)


I just wanted to thank you so much for a piece of jewellery that ordered in the beginning of November.
Maybe you remember, I don´t know, it was a necklace with two tags, E... and M... It was really very beautiful.
Unfortunately my boyfriend couldn´t recieve it today (it is his 20th birthday). He passed away in an accident in November.
But I wear the necklace every day to remember. THANK YOU! / E.


"Many thanks for a lovely bracelet which my sister will be very greatful for.
uperb that you could deliver in such a short time!
It´s definately not the last time I order jewellery from you!

Have a nice weekend! /Catherine


Superb! Thanks for a great service :) // Åsa J, Luleå


    THANX, My mother in law/grand mother got really happy! // Kristina


So nice Magdalena ;) thanx I´m super pleased ;)
Super quick delivery
Best regards, SANJA, Gothenburg

    Thanks for a lovely necklace and a very quick delivery!!
    Thanx thanx thanx I´m super pleased!!
    //Sanna, Vaxholm




   "What a beautiful bracelet!!! How nice to see it and feel the weight!
   Thank you also for your little note, it felt very nice.
   I´m glad I found you Magdalena. Jewellery like these make you happy, they are so beautiful...     
   Lovely!!!!!! // Ann, Hindås


     Hello Magdalena!
    We met at Tjolöholm castle and we bought the necklace with a hammered heart and the matching earrings from you.
    They suited so well for my wedding and I had lots of compliments for them on my wedding day.
    Thank you!"



Hello! I just wanted to email you and tell you that i got the jewellery last Thursday (I haven´t had the time to email you earlier).
I´m more than pleased : ) There has not been a day that I haven´t worn one of them. I literally love them.
You have got a customer that definately will return : )
Many thanks! Greetings from Fredrika, Finland.