This jewellery collection in Sterling silver, 18 c. gold and baroque pearls has been named Baroque fusions. A series of unique, organically shaped and hand made jewellery pieces made of small units set together to a complete ensemble or orchestra. Each piece is a One Of a Kind, t.i. made in one single unit. The Baroque fusion jewellery collection is inspired by tha syncopes and sweeps of jazz. Welcome to and our own jewellery shop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Barock Fusions. Pearl necklace #2. SOLD.

Hand made necklace with a large baroque pearl, gold set zirconia and diamond.

A beautiful pearl necklace with…

Baroque fusions. Long pearl earrings. SOLD.

Silver earrings with baroque pearls.
Wonderful One of a Kind silver studs with large, white natural pearls. Hand…

Baroque fusions. Pearl necklace #1. SOLD!

Hand made necklace with large baroque pearl and diamond.

A totally wonderful pearl necklace with a large,…

Baroque Fusions. Pearl necklace #3. Black diamonds.

Hand made necklace with a large baroque pearl set with four black diamonds.

A slightly different pearl necklace…

Baroque Fusions. Pearl necklace #4. Sold.

Silver necklace with a large baroque pearl.

A slightly different pearl necklace with a large, white baroque pearl.…

Baroque Fusions. Pearl necklace #5.

Silver necklace with oval chain and baroque pearls.

A piece of hand made silver jewellery with natural pearls.…

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