A pair of beautiful earrings enhance and fram the face. The positioning makes them higly visible and if hanging, they catch the light and come to life. Here you find small, delicate studs as well as larger statement earrings. Welcome to m925.se!

A rose for a rose. Rose gold plated silver set.

Jewellery set in rose gold plated silver: necklace and two pairs of earrings.

Three pieces of beautiful jewellery in a…

Champagne. Circular silver earrings. NEW!

Hand made silver earrings with a hammered touch.

We find this pair of silver earrings lovely! Hand made circular…

Champagne. Dot studs. Three sizes.

Hand made, hammered silver studs.

These darling studs come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Hand made…

Champagne. Gold plated earrings. NEW!

Gold plated silver earrings.

Gold plated light weight earrings in a clean, stylish design. Hammered, polished finish. Studs.

Material: 18…

Champagne. Hammered silver studs.

Hammered silver studs.

Silver earrings in a minimalistic design. Hammered and polished. A good every-day choice that…

Champagne. Long silver rod earrings. NEW!

Long silver earrings.

Light weight earrings in a clean, stylish design. Hammered, polished finish. Studs. All in genuine silver.


Champagne. Silver earrings. NEW!

Round silver earrings.
Light weight silver earrings with round, hammered rings. Polished.

Material: 925 Sterling silver.…

Champagne. Silver heart studs. Hammered.

Beautiful, simple heart silver studs.

We find this lovely pair of silver studs a nice gift,…

Champagne. Silver rod earrings.

Stylish, hammered silver earrings.
This pair of hammered silver earrings are polished and slightly domed.


Champagne. Simplicity earrings. NEW!

Delicate silver earrings with hammered ring.
Earrings in a clean, stylish design. Rings in a hammered, polished finish. 


Chunky silver studs. NEW!

Chunky. Oval silver studs. 
This chunky pair of silver earrings are hollow and don't weigh down the earlobe. Très cool!

Daytona. Large silver earrings. NEW!

Large, beautiful silver earrings.

This pair of earrings has got its name from its trioval shapes. A trioval is…

Daytona. Trioval silver studs. NEW!

Small, trioval silver studs.

This pair of earrings has got its name from its trioval shapes. A trioval is a…

Esperanza Gold. Silver studs.

Silver studs with 18 c. golden detail.

Sometimes just a touch of extravagancy is enough! Minimalistic silver…

Esperanza Long silver earrings.

Long silver earrings.

Silver earrings in a clean and contemporary design. Esperanza means hope in Italian.

Esperanza. Silver studs.

Silver studs.

Silver earrings in a minimalistic, contemporary design. A good every-day choice that matches most outfits…

Fields of Gold. Gold plated silver earrings. NEW!

Gold plated silver earrings with fresh water pearl.

Beautiful, hand made and gold plated silver…

Fields of Gold. Long earrings in silver & gold plating. NEW!

A pair of long silver earrings, partly gold plated.

Fancy dingling earrings with a chain…

Hammered heart studs in silver.

Stylish silver studs with hammered hearts.
A nice gift to give and a nice gift to…

Heart silver studs.

Heart silver studs. 
Beautiful and simple heart earrings in silver. A nice gift to give and…

Heart studs in silver and oxidized silver.

Heart studs in silver and oxidized silver.
Heart shaped silver studs with oxidized notches. A nice gift…

Link by Link. Silver studs.

Silver curb studs. 
Cool silver earrings with a rock n' roll feel. Curb chain silver studs. Let your personality…

Map jewellery. Personalized silver earring. NEW!

Silver earring with the land, county or city of your own wish.

A map earring with…

Poetry triplet silver earrings.

Silver earrings in a minimalistic design. Nordic simplicity at…

Princess silver studs. Gold plated beads.

Princess silver studs. 

Clean and simple princess crown studs. Gold plated silver beads on the top. …

Silver creol, open.

Oval silver creols.
Simple and yet so beautiful silver creols to wear everyday.

Material: 925 Sterling…

Silver earrings for the luxury bohemian.

Long silver earrings.

Silver earrings Moonphase. Set of 4. NEW!

Moonphase silver studs, 4 pcs.
A charming set of four silver studs designed after the moon phases. The…

Silver paper plane studs.

Long paper plane stud earrings. These stylish and pleated, long stud earrings have been meticulously hand carved in wax…

Stylish silver studs, paper plane, oxidized silver. NEW!

Stylish paper plane earrings in oxidized silver. These angular, long stud earrings have been meticulously…

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