Did you know that it's possible to EAT genuine gold and silver?! Give the party, New Years Eve or the wedding a luxurious touch and decorate the desserts, chocolates and drinks with edible silver and 23 carat gold! Welcome to m925.se!

Gold Gourmet Double. Edible 23 c. gold and silver. 300 g. NEW!

Edible 23 c. gold and edible genuine silver. 

With this package you get both edible gold…

Gold Gourmet Edible 23 c. gold flakes cube shaker. 100 mg. 23 c.

Edible 23 c. gold flakes.
Decorate your courses with edible gold sprinkles in 23 carat gold! As easy…

Gold Gourmet silver flakes cube shaker. 200 mg.

Edible silver flakes.
Decorate your courses with small, edible silver flakes! As easy as sprinkling sugar…

Gold Gourmet. Filament ribbons in 24 carat gold. 300 mg.

Edible genuine gold filament. Gold strings in 23 carat gold.

Adorn your courses with these decorative…

Gold Gourmet. Gift box with edible 23 carat gold. 100 mg.

Gift box with edible, genuine 23 carat gold flakes.

The Delicatis box contains everything you need to…

Gold Gourmet. Quadratus 24 c. gold. 500 mg.

Edible, geniune 23 carat gold in quadratus sprinkles.

Adorn your courses with these decorative and edible gold quadratus in…

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