Born in London Alice Barnes was always influenced by the strong architectural lines that surrounded her whilst growing up. She now draws complex beauty from the simplest of forms to make elegant, contemporary jewellery with meticulous attention to detail. Her work is influenced by the cuts, folds and repetition used in paper art, and draws on lines, angles and repetitive shapes for inspiration.

Collar piece. Silver paper plane. NEW!

Collar piece in Sterling silver.

These angular and peaked piece of collar jewellery has been hand carved…

Long silver studs, paper plane, oxidized silver. NEW!

Long paper plane stud earrings in oxidized silver.
These angular,…

Silver bow necklace. NEW!

Silver bow necklace. 
Bows don’t always have to be cute and girly… This geometric bow…

Silver cuff links. Paper plane. NEW!

Silver cuff links. Paper plane design.
These hallmarked silver cufflinks have been delicately hand carved in jeweller's…

Silver necklace paper plane. SOLD OUT!

Silver necklace paper plane.
This charming paper plane has been carefully hand carved in jeweller's…

Silver necklace pleated paper fan. NEW!

Silver pleated paper fan necklace.
A pleated paper fan, made by carefully hand carving jeweller's wax…

Silver necklace star. NEW!

Silver necklace Star.
This was the first piece in the collection, with all other designs…

Silver necklace wave. SOLD OUT!

Pleated silver wave necklace.  
An arch or wave of layered pleats makes up this…

Silver necklace, pleated, oxidized paper fan.

Silver pleated and oxidized paper fan necklace.
A pleated paper fan, made by carefully hand carving jeweller's…

Silver paper plane studs, long. NEW!

Long paper plane stud earrings.
These angular, long stud earrings have been meticulously hand carved in wax…

Silver paper planes. Swaying studs. SOLD OUT.

Swaying silver studs, paper plane design.
These long stud fitting earrings sway as you move, with each…

Small silver studs. Paper plane. NEW!

Small silver studs. Paper plane design.

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