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Care instructions for silver jewellery.

Just as your car and clothes need to be washed and your shoes need to be polished, your jewellery needs to be cared for to remain in good condition.

To keep your silver jewellery clean and shiny, it is best to remove it before you exercise, shower, have a bath or go to bed

If you use perfume, hairspray, makeup or skin cream, it is best to let it dry before you put on your jewellery. Otherwise it may become discoloured (chemical reaction).

During the summer, it may be necessary to polish jewellery more often, due to increased sweating. Our sweat contains salt and sulphur with which silver reacts. If you take any medicine, this may also speed up the oxidation process.

Silver and leather is not a good combination. Leather is treated with tannic acid, which causes silver to oxidise and turn black over time. Avoid storing silver jewellery in a leather jewellery box as this will cause it to oxidise - or put the jewelry in an anti-tarnishing bag.

Store your jewellery in a dry and dark place (preferably not in the bathroom). Water containing chlorine or salt can also discolour your jewellery. It is best that you use your jewellery as this will result in a natural and continuous aging. It is primarily when it lies in a box that jewellery oxidizes, particularly if the jewellery box is made of leather, which is treated with tannic acid.


Silver polishing cloth 29 SEK – order one here!
One way of keeping jewellery in good condition is to rub it with a polishing cloth. Foundation, grease from the body and light oxidation is removed quickly and easily.

Silver bath 145 SEK- order one here!
A silver bath is very effective at making your silver jewellery shine again. You simply immerse the jewellery in a bath for a couple of minutes. Read the instructions thoroughly. Do not forget the jewellery in the bath and avoid splashing on stainless steel surfaces etc. Avoid immersing jewellery with stones and pearls into such a bath.

Anti-tarnishing spray 99 kr - order one here!
Vill du förebygga missfärgning och oxidering finns nu en spray som rengör dina silversmycken och samtidigt ger dem ett långverkande oxideringsskydd!

Or simply use toothpaste!
Another easy way to make your jewellery look nice again is to brush it with toothpaste and warm water. Use a toothbrush or a slightly harder nail- or scrubbing brush (toothpaste contains a mild polishing agent). Note that some toothpaste brands for sensitive teeth do not contain polishing agents!

Note that oxidation is not accepted as a valid claim for a refund. You will also not get a refund if silver oxidises particularly rapidly on you (the process is individual). In men, who sweat a little more than women, the oxidation process tends to be more rapid. This simply means that the jewellery must be polished more often!

If you prefer to let the professionals do the job...
You can also order the “Major renovation pack” from us. Maybe a couple of years have passed since you purchased your M925 piece and you have noticed some small scratches, or a part that has loosened or a lock that needs to be replaced? If so, click here!


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