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This is how your jewellery is made

It all starts with a thought.

Quite often I am asked where I get my ideas. It is not an easy question to answer! Everything one experiences is of course registered somewhere. I collect cut-outs from magazines and objects that I find. I also photograph things that in any way appeal to me; it may be the colour, the form, the material, the texture or the feeling…. It can be patterns in the street, small details on large objects or anything else. You can be inspired by just about anything. If you are not, you just haven’t looked hard enough..!

Like popcorn!
Some materials, experiences and impressions lead directly, or after a while, to an idea. It can present itself anytime, anywhere, like popcorn
(or to quote Swedish author Harry Martinsson: Like an axe blow to the head)! When this occurs, I try to examine the idea and build upon it.

I also try to collect my material once in a while and sort through it. Are there any common threads? Then I start to sketch, or I sit down in the workshop that I have in the shop in Gothenburg and experiment...

Creating= Making choices
As much of the day is spent doing other things than creating (!) many of the ideas just exist in my head. The best ones hopefully survive and the less interesting ones disappear over the course of time. Maybe I make the wrong choices once in a while... I guess, to create is about making choices... It is definately also about having self-discipline :)

Design philosophy
I strive for minimalistic and clean design in my jewellery and use genuine and lasting materials. With one leg in the design world and the other in the business world (the not so merciful rent needs to be paid etc.) I aim to create jewellery that I am proud of, but also which sells.
A difficult balancing act and a classic ”artist’s dilemma”.

My challenge.

Development and experiments.
I try to avoid a too narrow design philosophy. There must be room for development and experimentation. I would experience a too narrow design philosophy as a limiting and inhibiting factor. The company and design must be allowed to develop as I myself evolve.


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