A personalized and custom made piece of map jewellery in silver or gold. Choose your own favourite country, landscape, island o city. Maybe the place where you and your friend met, got married or went for your honey moon. The birthplace or the country from where you adopted your son or daughter. With a gold dot or diamond your special place on earth can be even more specified. Welcome to m925.se!

18 c. gold map necklace w. diamond. Any motif.

Personalized map jewellery in 18 c. gold. Diamond & hand engraving included.

A piece of map…

Double earring world map. Silver & jade.

Double silver earring, with world map and jade stud.

Earrings for both geography teachers and world travellers…

Map jewellery. Personalized silver earring.

Silver earring with the land, county or city of your own wish.

A map earring with a…

Map silver necklace. Gold plated chain.

Adoption necklace with the country of your own choice.

An adoption necklace is a Lovely memory from…

Map studs in silver. Any motife.

Silver studs with any geographic motife you want.

Custom made little maps as earrings! That special place…

Necklace My place on earth. Personalized. Silver.

Silver necklace with the shape of the country, county or city of your own choice.

For this…

Personalized bracelet with geografic charm.

Personalized silver bracelet with a personalized geografic silver charm.

With this silver bracelet you get a truly…

World map earrings in silver & jade.

Earrings with world map, in silver and  jade.

These earrings make a nice gift for geography teachers…

World map silver necklace.

Necklace with world map, in silver & jade. 

A piece of silver jewellery for both geography teachers, world…

World map silver ring.

Silverring with world map.

A ring for geography teachers & world travellers :)

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