Personalized silver necklace decorated with a heart in 18 c. gold.

Personalize your necklace with names, dates or words and make this silver necklace your own, personal piece of jewellery. Nouns like Love, Faith or Veritas (the truth) can be engraved, just as adjectives like Wonderful or Fabulous, or verbes like Breathe, Believe, Love or Stay True To Yourself.

Or maybe a message to the wearer that runs around this silver rod? Best Friend, Always On My Mind or Keep Calm Carry On? 

Material: 925 Sterling silver and 18 c. gold. Lenght: 3,5 cm. Thickness: 5x5 mm. Engraving on one side included. Bead chain or the more glittering facetted bead chain. Gift box & Gift wrapping included. 


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