Tube crush is the latest jewellery collectionen from M925. A litte play with the materials: genuine silver, acrylics and 23 c. gold leaf. Welcome!

Tube crush. Bracelet with T-clasp.

Bracelet in silver and acrylic.

This silver acrylic's bracelet is worn twice around the wrist. Silver thread goes through half…

Tube crush. Double ring.

Double silver ring with acrylic tube.
A slightly different ring in silver and acrylic. Been playing with the materials…

Tube crush. Earrings with removable tube.

Earrings in silver and acrylics. 

Stylish earrings and a little game with the materials: silver, plastic and…

Tube crush. Long acrylic earrings.

Transparant earrings with gold pleated details.
Long, acrylic earrings with gold plated top and tip.

Material: Gold plated…

Tube crush. Necklace w removable tube.

Necklace in silver, acrylics and gold leaf.  Here I've been playing a bit with the materials: genuine silver,…

Tube crush. Silver cuff.

Silver cuff with transparant tube.

A wonderful silver bracelet that fits all wrists thanks to the removable tube that…

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