Tube crush is the latest jewellery collectionen fron M925. A litte play with the materials: silver, acrylics and 23 c, gold leaf. Welcome!

Tube crush. Bracelet with T-clasp. NEW!

Flexible bracelet in silver and acrylics. 

This cool silver acrylic's bracelet is worn twice around the wrist. Silver thread goes…

Tube crush. Earrings with removable tube. NEW!

Earrings in silver and acrylics. 

Stylish earrings and a little game with the materials: silver, plastic and…

Tube crush. Long acrylic earrings. NEW!

Long, stiff and gold plated acrylic earrings.
Dangling, transparant acrylic earrings. Gold plated tip.

Material: acrylics. 23…

Tube crush. Necklace w removable tube. NEW!

Necklace in silver, acrylics and gold leaf. 
Here I've been playing a bit with the materials: silver, plastic and…

Tube crush. Ring. NEW!

Silver ring with acrylic tube. Gold plated endings.
A slighly different rin in silver, acrylic and gold leaf. Been…

Tube crush. Silver cuff. NEW!

Silver cuff with transparant tube.

A wonderful silver bracelet that fits all wrists thanks to the removable tube that…

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