Urban stories. Geometric jewellery in silver and acrylics. 
The inspiration for this jewellery collection comes from the street: Whatever you decide to look for or focus on - will appear for you! (in this case triangular shapes) It´s a fun game to play! Welcome to m925.se!

Urban stories. City skyline necklace in silver and acrylics.

Unique silver and acrylic necklace with city silhoutte.
This special city silhoutte necklace in silver and acrylics is made…

Urban stories. City skyline silver cuff.

Silver cuff with city silhouette.
We find this city skyline silver cuff a perfect Christmas gift for the architect…

Urban stories. City skyline silver ring.

Silver ring with city silhouette.
An amazing little creation if I may say so myself... A silver ring…

Urban stories. City skyline silver tiara. Replaceable moon.

City skyline silver tiara. Replaceable moon.
A wonderful little creation if I may say so myself... A one of…

Urban stories. Diamond shaped silver studs.

Diamond shaped silver studs.
Great looking diamond fasetted studs. Perfect for the urban look. 
Come in a polished or with…

Urban stories. Geometric silver necklace, edgy.

Geometric silver necklace with an edge.
An edgy silver necklace available in silver or oxidized (blackened) silver. Looks great on both…

Urban stories. Geometric silver necklace. Two sizes

Silver necklace in geometric design.
This silver necklace with geoemtric figures is available in two different sizes. The…

Urban stories. Hängande silver earrings.

Long silver earrings in a geometric design.
Great looking silver earrings for the luxury bohemian.

Urban stories. Long acrylic necklace.

Long acrylic necklace.
This big and spectacular necklace is made by hand in one unique copy and will make you…

Urban stories. Long pointy silver earrings.

Long, pointy silver earrings.
I would love to see this edgy pair of earrings on one of the…

Urban stories. Longer triangular silver studs.

Triangular silver studs.
These pointy studs are fun to match with clothes in geometric patterns.

Urban stories. Pointy silver studs.

Pointy silver studs.
Two dimensional silver studs. Choose between polished or matte (brushed) finish. 

Material: 925 Sterling silver. Dimensions: 20x5…

Urban stories. Rivet silver studs.

Rivet silver studs.
Cool, clean rivet earrings in silver. Cast in limited edition.

Material: 925 Sterling silver.…

Urban stories. Silver ring in a mecanical design.

Silver ring in a mechanical design.
A cool and different ring, designed in wax and cast overnight, one copy only.

Urban stories. Silver ring with rivet.

Rivet silver ring.
Match this rivet ring with the rivet silver studs in the…

Urban stories. Small, silver studs.

Small, edgy silver studs.
Discrete and three dimensional silver studs.

Material: 925 Sterling silver.…

Urban stories. Three edged silver ring.

Three edged silver ring.
A hand made silver ring with a strong symbolic value for spritual awareness.  …

Urban stories. Two finger top rings in silver.

Two finger top silver rings.
The price includes two silver finger top rings. The rings will…

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