We welcome orders from all over the world!  

First of all welcome to m925.se – what a joy you found your way here! In the black top menu you can choose to show this webpage in English. There might be some parts in the cashier though that lacks English translation – and possibly some ”Swenglish” expressions 🙂 We apologize for that and hope you still feel safe ordering from us. When you have finished your order, click on ”Check out” and register by filling in your data in the form. You need to pay by VISAcard (the top alternative of the list of payment methods).

You can also simply email us a print screen of your order and transfer the amount to our bank account directly. Our IBAN number is: SE60 9020 0000 0902 0627 7832

If there´s any hesitation or question, simply email us at magdalena@m925.se or call +46 31 3157979
Welcome to order your jewellery from M925 Design, Gothenburg, Sweden!